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Joelle has had a passion for helping people reach their nutritional goals for over sixteen years. She started in the nutrition industry as a consultant for a major weight loss chain. Although her clients were achieving success, she was not comfortable with having to promote food products that contained ingredients that she knew were not optimal for their health and well-being.

After leaving her consultant position, Joelle began individual and group nutritional coaching. Her philosophy is based on eating a variety of natural, colorful and nutritious foods in moderation, that will aide in balancing blood sugar and satisfy cravings.  She also teaches her clients how to use spices and different cooking techniques to make healthy foods taste delicious all without counting calories. In addition to cooking tips, Joelle offers a service of going grocery shopping with clients to educate them on reading food labels to ensure that they are purchasing items that will help them reach their individual health goals.

Joelle has been certified as a nutritional and wellness coach by the American Fitness Professional Association (AFPA). She is currently completing her certification through Precision Nutrition (PN1).