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I started my career in the restaurant field, spent 18 years as sous chef, kitchen manager, and general manager.  When I was cooking and creating dishes nothing gave me more pleasure and confidence as when a guest would send back a complement for the food.  That to me was the driving force behind my career.  After years of 60-80-hour work weeks, raising two little kids, moving from NJ to NC, my wife said, “That’s it. We didn’t move to the beach to never spend time there! You love working out and training and helping others do the same. Why don’t you become a personal trainer?” After months of research (aka. putting it off) I decided to take the chance.  Worst case, I could always go back to the restaurant.

I received my certification from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), the #1 rated certification. Their model fit exactly with what I believed in: you need a strong foundation (core & balance) to achieve total body strength.  When I started working at my first gym, it was a small local gym. I never really felt comfortable with big box gyms.  You have that connection with everyone that walks in, not just your clients.  I started teaching classes, which helped me break in, and now I have 5 classes and growing and it’s the driving force behind the gym.  One-on-ones are an incredible way to really connect with the client. You’re more than just an “orders-barking, motivational vessel.” You have to listen and observe the client.  Your connection is the key to their success, and everyone is different. Learning what motivates people really drives their workouts.  Everyone is an individual and so are their programs.

I really wanted a way to tie in my food background with training, so I became certified from Precision Nutrition, in Sports & Exercise Nutrition. Because it’s not about the 1 hour of exercise per day, it’s what we eat the other 23 hours a day!  This helped me get a better understanding of how the body fuels itself, how the body uses different nutrients to build muscle and burn fats.

The moment a client hits a goal, whether it’s a weight goal, or a strength goal, or a food goal, or even a goal of just being more constant, it gives me the same feelings creating that perfect dish or food. It’s a satisfying feeling that my work helped someone push and focus and better themselves. Because that’s what Assertive Fitness was built on:  Assertive =“HAVING OR SHOWING A CONFIDENT AND FORCEFUL PERSONALITY”

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